New Feature Releases of SAP Hybris 6.5

New Feature Releases of SAP Hybris 6.5

SAP Hybris has been aggressive on the periodic version releases. The recent version of Hybris 6.5 release last week.

Some of the new or updated features releases under 6.5;

  • Angular pages as part of the B2C accelerator.

Under my account section of B2C accelerator following pages are updated.

Personal Details.

Update Password

Email Address page

SAP Hybris Commerce Accelerator includes an Angular proof of concept implementation on some pages in the B2C storefronts. This can be a good base template for the complete UI revamp with Angular JS.

self-contained in a new AddOn named b2cangularaddon, which is included in the b2c_acc_plus recipe

  • SAP Integrations:
  1. a) SAP ERP & S4/HANA:

Order Return enhancements for order that was fulfilled by multiple SAP back-ends

  1. b) SAP CPQ integration for Hybris Cloud version is available now.
  2. c) Hybris Marketing:

Two Scenarios are integrated for Hybris Marketing.

I) Clickstream Data – Scalable solution enhancement on the old version for tracking customer activities from Hybris commerce. The integration supports approximately 200 events per second.

Custom events supported –

View product detail page, Add to cart, Remove from cart, Successful checkout, Read review

A new Integration extension sapymktclickstream has the required functionality.

II) Offer recommendation- Real-time recommendation based on the B2C customer behaviors similar to product recommendation provided before.

New Systems Integrations:

Hybris Commerce integration with new Systems – SAP Digital Payments OD 1.0 & SAP Hybris Service Engagement Center is available.

Suspending and Resuming Hybris:

This allows disconnecting Hybris from underlying database connections.

Started in Hybris 6.4 feature this feature is now fully completed can be used from BackOffice console or with REST commands.


A new collaboration center to manage your workflows added in PCM, however, can be customized for other BackOffice cockpits.

  • Search:

Restricting Fields in Response

Defining a Free Text Query for Query Property

  • Promotions & Rule Engine.

Rule Engine now runs on the latest Drools version 7.0

Promotion Planning- allows running the promotions based on the date ranges.

 platform changes:

a) Patches extension: A new set of extensions (three extensions provided as part of patches) that will help the DevOps to create patch operations that can be executed during a system update. This will help for reusing the sample data for multiple instances.

  • Centralized Session Failover:

The Centralized Session Failover Solution Add-On offers 2x faster session data recovery with little overhead.

Technology: Spring Session

Session Replication Speed is 2x faster than 6.3.x

Some more Features added;

  • SmartEdit for SAP Hybris Customer Experience improves branding consistency across storefronts with multi-country support
  • A New banking storefront for Financial Services.
  • Place order on Hold/pick slips from Customer Service.
  • A new UI responsive Telco Accelerator & a new Banking storefront which is responsive.
  • Data Hub Monitoring feature (available on YaaS) – More on DataHub changes in a separate Blog.
  • Nothing Major EOL Announcement in 6.5, however, one major deprecation of Hybris Management Console (hmc) Lined up for Q1 2018.


Contact us if you seek any help in migration on 6.5 or New implementation with Hybris 6.5.