SAP Leonardo – Mega Digitization Wave

SAP Leonardo – Mega Digitization Wave

SAP Leonardo is the latest offering from SAP which bundles together all digital transformation services: IoT, Blockchain, Artificial intelligence, Machine Learning, Big Data, offered as PaaS via HANA Cloud Platform.

This blend of technologies has a potential to change the way entire business is conducted. Imagine IoT based supply chain network, cloud business processes for automatic approvals and blockchain to maintain all transactions in a distributed ledger.

SAP Leonardo has capability to touch Human lives, change the way we interact with several devices day in day out and bring more efficiency, stability and satisfaction values. It’s all about collaboration between man and machine.


An interesting fact about Cloud Infrastructure is that everything as a service. We can choose or select what is needed, as a service, and scale up to equivalent and proportionate Cloud Infrastructure, using micro-services and SAP Leonardo offers exactly the same.

The important question asked by the Customers who are interested in this Next Technological Wave, is Why Now? Why is that IoT, AI, ML are buzz words now? It has been in industry from last decade or so.!!!  Answer to this would be:

  1. 1. Tremendous improvement in the way we Collect, Store and Analyse data. It has grown many folds.
  2. 2. Low cost sensor and device availability

SAP Leonardo is capable of Rapid Design, Prototype and deploy industry specific solutions spanning multiple domains like: Chemical, Utilities, Retail, Manufacturing etc.

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