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Automated solution for invoices

InvoiceSys - an automated solution for processing invoices, has delivered a 40% increase in efficiency, with significantly shortened time and cost of invoice processing.

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Invoices, bills, POs, receipts in multiple formats and sources like email, paper, PDFs and scanned images – all of these can be quite cumbersome for AP teams to handle, besides being prone to manual errors.

Intelligent document processing

Bringing the power of AI/ML to Accounts Payable - InvoiceSys is ready to integrate with leading ERP or accounting systems.

Automated invoice processing

InvoiceSys is an end-to-end solution that delivers significant efficiency gains by automating invoice processing. An important component of the solution is a Sapours proprietary integration platform allowing the data to be posted multiple ERP or finance systems.

Artificial intelligence in accounts payable

Our document processing technology, with AI/ML components from KlearStack (our technology partner for AI/ML), allows us to intelligently extract line-item data from invoices. AI-powered OCR technology ensures high accuracy of data extraction and a highly adaptive self-learning model ensures that the system progressively becomes more accurate, leading to higher ROI over time.


Businesses across industries and domains admit to expending a significant percentage of time and effort to handling large volumes of invoices across departments

Moreover, many organizations are still manually processing invoices, making them prone to errors which can prove expensive to the organization

Delays in payments, over-payments or missed payments as a result of errors in manual invoice processing can cost organizations a significant amount

Manual processing of paper invoices also creates problems in traceability

Manual reconciliation, manual approvals and validation of invoices is time-consuming, expensive and error-prone



InvoiceSys is a completely automated solution powered by AI/ML and OCR technologies

extract line-item data

Can intelligently extract line-item data from scanned invoices and validate it


Can be customized as per the business needs of enterprises

covers spectrum

Covers the entire spectrum of invoice management across all departments - from logistics to finance

post extracted data directly

Can post the extracted data directly into ERP or accounting systems


Equipped with alert mechanism and exception handling capabilities

multiple formats

Can handle documents in multiple formats like PDF, image formats or paper

handle large volume data

Can handle large volumes of data with high accuracy


Currently supports invoices in English and is scalable enough to support other languages


See for yourself, how InvoiceSys from Sapours can help your organization improve AP team productivity, cut costs, and reduce errors in invoice processing.