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SAP hybris deployment for fashion industry process

Sapours FashionCX delivers 40% YoY business volume increase for B2B fashion portal

Sapours Quick Deployment Framework (QDF) delivers a solution specific to the fashion industry - FashionCX

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Fashion is one of the most dynamic and fast-evolving sectors and e-commerce fashion portals require a highly adaptive and quick implementation approach.

SAP hybris implementation partners for fashion industry

Successfully implemented for a US-based B2B fashion portal in North America


We were approached by a North American fashion chain to build a responsive website showcasing multiple brands, with the facility to preview upcoming seasons in a virtual showroom. A complex project, as it involved different themes for multiple brands, multiple country-specific site rollouts, and multi-dimensional views of the product.

SAP fashion management

Our solution was based on SAP Hybris, with seamless order integration with SAP FMS and an ASM flow for the sales team. We customized the solution with fashion-industry specific processes. We built in real-time inventory checks and updates and to support a Just-in-Time model that helped cut down costs, maintain better profitability, and decrease wastage in unsold goods.


New Datahub

New Hybris Management Console (HMC)

Cross-sell and upsell enablement

SmartEdit - the new generation WCMS (Web Content Management System)

Latest Solr version 7.2 integrated with Hybris

ASM (Assisted Service Module new ASM architecture for improved performance based on Restful Web Services

SAP Hybris Profile-driven personalization

Upgraded promotion rule engine



best run sap

Take a look at a typical Sapours FashionCX implementation:

business growth
Sapours FashionCX is one of our most successful solutions, being featured in The Best Run - a SAP publication, highlighting the increase in online traffic, reduction in dealer onboarding time, and YoY business growth delivered by FashionCX.

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