How To Leverage the Power of SAP CX to Deliver Stellar Digital Customer Experiences

How To Leverage the Power of SAP CX to Deliver Stellar Digital Customer Experiences

How To Leverage the Power of SAP CX to Deliver Stellar Digital Customer Experiences

How To Leverage the Power of SAP CX to Deliver Stellar Digital Customer Experiences?

In the early 2000 to up until a couple of years ago, technology gradually moved from the role of a business enabler to one that could actually create entirely new revenue streams for companies in several domains. Earlier, having a website or digital platform where customers could virtually interact, transact, and manage business activities was seen as a measure of success in the digital landscape. But today, especially after events like the COVID-19 pandemic, consumers are more aware of their choices in the digital economy and demand better experiences and not just a website to shop or converse with a business.

The focus for growth has shifted from digital enablement to digital customer experience where personalization, quality of service, usability, consistency, and pace of delivery have a bigger say in improving business volumes.

With over 4.66 billion active internet users globally as of January 2021, enterprises need to pull up their socks and start creating experiences for a connected population rather than exploring the basics of digital transformation.

Since its inception, SAP has been at the forefront of enabling businesses to have a competitive edge in the market by running their business on some of the world’s best enterprise technology solutions ever created. SAP was one of the first technology companies to identify the shifting landscape of the business world from digital enablement to digital customer experience. To help businesses navigate this challenging transition with better customer experiences, SAP introduced the SAP Customer eXperience (CX) connected platform. The platform is equipped with a range of capabilities powered by Cloud, AI, ML, and IOT to help businesses build an intelligent and highly scalable digital business stream for better growth.
The SAP CX platform comprises primarily five cloud offerings, referred to as the five pillars of the CX platform. They are:
● SAP Marketing Cloud
● SAP Commerce Cloud
● SAP Customer Data Cloud
● SAP Sales Cloud
● SAP Service Cloud

With its recent acquisition by SAP, Emarsys customer engagement platform will also be a part of the SAP CX portfolio. Using the Emarsys platform, organizations can deliver hyperpersonalized, omnichannel engagements in real time to their customers.

Let us explore how enterprises can leverage the power of these pillars of SAP CX to deliver stellar digital customer experiences in today’s highly dynamic consumer markets.
There are three fundamental ways in which SAP CX enables better customer experiences. They are:

Know Customers Better
By unlocking hidden insights within the vast sachets of data lying untapped in sales and operational channels, businesses can gain knowledge on what, how, and when to sell to a potential customer. But with rising privacy concerns and increased regulatory mandates for user data protection like GDPR enforcing compliance, enterprises need to find ways to make safer avenues for customer data management and insight generation. This is where the SAP Customer Data Cloud can help bring a difference. It allows businesses to ethically capture customer data with strict enforcement of governance and compliance policies and prevent utilization of data for processing activities other than for which customers have trustfully agreed.

Set up a Responsive Business
Today, customer behavior is highly unpredictable, and every business is expected to be up 24X7 in the digital age. For example, a customer may be watching their favorite series online in the middle of the night when they notice a new laptop or smartphone used by a character in the series and develop an instant affection for it. Their curiosity may lead to a search online for stores that sell the product in their location either online or at nearby locations. The search may provide a visit to the website or social media page of stores that have stock of the product. When this journey is made by the customer, the business which has a responsive customer support system that provides real-time information to the inquiry via a Facebook Chat or via a Live Chat option on the store website, captures requirements correctly, schedules a call or demonstration for them if more info is needed, and engages the customer at that point of time will win the deal. This is exactly what the SAP Service Cloud does by enabling seamless engagement autonomously to help customers at any point of time in their sales journey.

Better Decision Making
With customer data unlocked with trust, the next step is to learn actionable insights from them and make decisions on sales and marketing. This is where the Sales and Marketing Cloud can help businesses achieve their targets. By evaluating the impact of marketing campaigns, outreach programs and by scrutinizing the behavior of customers through various phases of the sales journey, sales and marketing teams can make the right decisions. These decisions could be on picking the right channel for marketing, the right offering, the right time to sell it, plan for ancillary sales, cross-selling and up-selling options, and much more. With more informed decisions, it will be easier to drive up sales revenue and marketing ROI.

SAP CX holds the key to help businesses navigate a highly unpredictable and competitive market landscape by focusing on the most important element in business growth – customer experience. By leveraging the key pillars of the SAP CX Connected Platform, businesses can deliver on promises, build lasting relationships, and enable sustainable innovation using data-driven insights without compromising on safety, privacy, and integrity of customer data. Get in touch with us to explore more about this.

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