SAP AMS – Benefits and What to Look for in the Partner

SAP AMS – Benefits and What to Look for in the Partner

SAP AMS – Benefits and What to Look for in the Partner

Let’s look at some interesting facts about SAP, arguably, the number 1 ERP in the market. 

  • 99 of the 100 largest companies in the world are SAP customers
  • 77% of the world’s transaction revenue touches an SAP system
  • $16 trillion of consumer purchases worldwide go through SAP systems

The scale and popularity of SAP solutions are massive. The world’s leading organizations have selected this as a platform of their choice to run their business operations. 

However, SAP implementation cannot be a one-time affair. It needs to be constantly updated based on the changing customer, employee, and business needs. While some companies choose to build SAP expertise in-house to support such continuous upgrades, many companies struggle with it because of the lack of time and expertise.

AMS (Application Management Service) is the answer to that.

By partnering with an expert SAP solution provider for AMS, companies can make the most of their SAP investments. With AMS, they can manage some of their pertinent challenges such as increasing costs, lack of expertise in handling SAP technical and functional issues, a shortage of internal talent, continually evolving SAP application lifecycle, and technical support. 

AMS solution providers offer continuous support, improvement, and optimization of solution-based SAP landscapes. They also assist organizations in managing, enhancing, and developing the application landscape. 

The worldwide Application Management Service market is estimated to grow from $18370 million in 2021 to $52020 million in 2028, at a 15.8% growth in CAGR.

What is AMS?

AMS service providers offer a wide range of services including, on-demand support, application enhancements, minor and major upgrades, system performance optimization, and advisory services. Qualified consultants deliver SAP AMS services with their business knowledge and expertise to add maximum value. The right AMS partner can be the extension of the organization, offering more strategic solutions with SAP. With the help of a qualified SAP AMS partner, you can expand and upgrade your operational capabilities without hiring expert SAP professionals.

Some of the most popular industries using SAP AMS are IT and services, computer software, and automotive.

Benefits of AMS for SAP Users 

SAP AMS enables organizations to concentrate on core competencies without developing extensive in-house SAP expertise. Organizations outsourcing AMS also benefit from staffing resources and predictable costs. Additionally, AMS clients gain from concentrated knowledge, experience, expertise, and service provider best practices, which bring proficiency and make information sharing easy. As a result, they have an edge over the in-house teams working from a thinner reference point. 

With AMS, IT teams are free to focus on strategic projects, thus giving businesses the much-needed innovation boost. Some of the major benefits of working with an expert SAP AMS partner are:

  • Greater Flexibility: Flexibility is a crucial factor for business. Success depends largely on the adaptability and flexibility of the business. When businesses are evolving, it is particularly important to consider making smart business moves and investing in innovative solutions. Having an SAP AMS partner offers businesses the agility and flexibility to implement innovative solutions quickly. 
  • Better Financial Management: With SAP AMS, you can simplify the financial management of your business. Automate the key functions for control and efficiency. This equips organizations to manage everything with real-time data, which provides organized functions, fewer errors, and quicker closures. 
  • Distinguished Customer Service: Customer service is the only constant factor in this fast-evolving digital era. With SAP AMS, businesses can now address their customers better and deliver satisfying solutions faster. In addition, it offers invaluable insights into customer queries and demands, which improves outreach strategies.  
  • Increased Productivity: Productivity is the key factor for a business. SAP AMS automates redundant processes for businesses, which frees up the workforce and tends to critical tasks. As a result, businesses can increase productivity while saving time and lowering costs simultaneously. 
  • Cost Reduction: Outsourcing SAP AMS reduces the company’s costs and budget significantly. Many companies do not even need in-house teams to support and maintain SAP implementations. So, it is a solution where everyone benefits. 

SAP AMS empowers IT teams with the necessary support and toolsets to eradicate complications and derive maximum value from the applications while reducing risks, cutting costs, and catering to evolving business needs. In a dynamic business environment, it is imperative to constantly enhance the SAP landscape and allied support framework to streamline different business processes. SAP AMS delivers that.

What to Look for In the SAP AMS Partner?

The right SAP AMS partner offers businesses the flexibility to focus on innovations, peace of mind, cost saving, and empowers them to create stellar customer experiences. 

To make sure your SAP AMS partner meets your needs, here’s what you should look for:

  • Qualified teams with technology and domain expertise: A fully capable team of qualified professionals adds value to the process and hits the ground in no time. Look for a partner with a qualified team of talented professionals to handle multiple functions. Apart from the technology expertise, it is always a good idea to look for domain knowledge and prior experience in helping companies similar to your domain or area. Armed with strong domain knowledge, the experts can suggest business processes and workflow optimization. 
  • Certified consultants: SAP-certified consultants come with the required knowledge and expertise to deliver on the promise. They can help you fully utilize the system and drive maximum business outcomes. 
  • Going beyond the contract: Reliable and certified SAP AMS partners go a long way. They think beyond the contract and aim to deliver solutions that will support your business growth and aspirations. With their consultative approach, such partners can help you with efficient application service delivery, ensure cost-effectiveness, maintain seamless operations, show greater flexibility, and boost productivity. 
  • Beyond system maintenance, look for system enhancement: Instead of just maintaining the system status quo, look for a partner who will look for system enhancement – leading agility, high-quality delivery, and fast service.
  • Knowledge of latest trends and updates: Staying abreast with the latest trends is essential for SAP AMS partners. Considering that the trends are evolving constantly, they ensure the team is updated with knowledge and application to ensure that they can make the most of the advancements. 
  • Global resources: If your operations are spread over multiple geographies, it is useful to look for an AMS partner who operates in multiple countries. To reduce the risk of downtime and error, it is important to ensure cultural proximity, knowledge of systems, and familiarity with the language of the country. 


SAP AMS is no longer limited to a standard, static delivery model. You need to work with an expert partner who can automate various processes and ensure business continuity, data security, and seamless upgrades. A lot is at stake. So, choose your SAP AMS partner judiciously. 

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