Simplify Custom Business Process

Simplify Custom Business Process

Custom Business Process helps in achieving business scenario other than offered by standard. While customizing any business process, below are some of the guidelines which should be followed in order to streamline solution.

* Creation of custom business object as a separate work Centre

While creating a separate Work Centre to meet business requirement below are some points which should be considered.

– Creation of Advance search and multiple default sets for the same.

– Creation of Custom Approval Process.

– Enable Notification rules.

– Creation of Workflow rules.

– Assigning access control context so that data is not visible to all users.

– Creation of Data Source and Analytical Reports.

* Addition of custom business object as an extension of standard business objects (EC).

– Creation of Navigation between business object.

– Configuring Tags for EC.

* Addition of custom Node in standard business object

– Enhancement of standard business objects with Action to populate data in custom node.

– Creation of Process extension scenario so that added elements are available in standard services.

– Addition of fields in UI designer.