The Stories of People Who Have Joined Sapours from Large Organizations

The Stories of People Who Have Joined Sapours from Large Organizations

The Stories of People Who Have Joined Sapours from Large Organizations

Sapours has always attracted the best talent from across the industry. A lot of these experts join us upon leaving larger organizations with bigger brand names. Why would a person want to leave a large organization to join Sapours? There are many reasons! We asked a few of our employees who had left their old jobs and eventually came to work with us what drove their decision to leap. This is what we found out.

1. Better Work-Life Balance

In most larger organizations, there is hectic work culture and rarely space for a healthy work-life balance. Plus, such an office environment is highly competitive and the idea of falling behind can spell disaster. This creates high levels of burn-out and that makes everyone feel exhausted and on edge. But at Sapours, we ensure our employees have an excellent and nurturing experience while at work, along with ample relaxation time when they’re off the clock.

Prasad Joshi, Team Lead, had worked in many big organizations such as DEMECH Industries and Kirloskar Brothers Limited. He started his career in Sapours as a SAP functional consultant and currently handles the customer/project operations. 

He says, ‘At Sapours, there’s a robust leadership who care for all the teams as if they’re family. The management is young and enthusiastic, dynamic, and with strong business ethics.” 

Prasad also likes the learning environment here and the deep sense of mutual respect that’s fostered amongst everyone.

2. Opportunity to Work on Cutting-Edge Technologies

Bigger companies may have certain ways of doing things and specific types of tools and techniques that they insist on using. But at Sapours, we take on a wide range of projects. 

As C4C Functional Solutions Lead, Pankaj Tomer, notes, “Sapours gives us exposure and experience for new updated and niche technologies with diverse and challenging roles. It’s also easy to reach out to the Sapours management and discuss future aspirations.” 

As a smaller organization, at Sapours, there’s a need to work on many things at one time to meet the customer’s needs and the market’s demands. That gives the employees a lot of authority and responsibility. Each employee is given the right opportunity that suits their skills. These employees are more focused on work and their projects, as well as their individual growth. 

As one of the other team members, Deepali Thakur, puts it, “Rather than spending time in lengthy processes or policies. Every team member has a good bond with each other irrespective of the project/steam they work into.” That also creates the right environment to quickly pick up the correct technologies.

3. Continuous Learning

There’s ample opportunity to learn at Sapours as well. Due to the different kinds of projects we take up, we’ve created an environment of constant learning. This is important for all our employees as that’s what will help them stay updated with the latest trends. Also, since our talent comes in from different large companies, they’re able to share their knowledge and experiences and have genuinely interesting learning experiences.

4. Ownership and Responsibility

SAP basis team lead Siddharth Kubal states, “The main difference between working at a large corporation and over here is the amount of authority and responsibility we get.” 

In larger companies, there are multiple levels. Authority isn’t given to someone easily, especially if they’re new to the company. But at Sapours, we give everyone a fair shot at taking the kind of responsibility they wish to. That way, they feel satisfied that they’re being given the kind of opportunities that will help them grow overall.

“Sapours gives me opportunities to utilize various aspects of my technical abilities, knowledge, and experience.” – says Prashant Deshmukh, who has joined Sapours after working with global giants for 17+ years. 

5. Strong Connection Between People

While it’s true most companies have a competitive environment, we also try to create a nurturing space. Our people work together in such a way that they ensure the other person is also doing their best. That way, our employees can have a healthy culture to thrive in, as well as do the best work that they can do. As we’re a smaller organization, our employees feel like an intimate team of people working together. The kind of interactions and connections between each individual here can’t help but become strong and close. 

We want our employees to experience a happy work atmosphere, and the best way to go about that is to ensure that the work culture is backed by a strong sense of camaraderie between all the employees. We have multiple initiatives to look out for our employees on an individual level, too. We also focus on group bonding and team-building events and exercises whenever possible. These make life at Sapours a thoroughly fulfilling one.

Compared to larger corporations, smaller ones like ours have a multitude of benefits like the ones we’ve mentioned above. These are highly rewarding and increase the quality of your life. It’s much easier to have a healthier work-life balance as well. If you think you have what it takes to do well here, then reach out to us and begin your journey.

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