Turbocharge Your Sales Organization with The Power of Salesforce And AI

Turbocharge Your Sales Organization with The Power of Salesforce And AI

Turbocharge Your Sales Organization with The Power of Salesforce And AI

Turbocharge Your Sales Organization with The Power of Salesforce And AI

Sales today are centered around customer experience. This is true irrespective of the domain a business is operating out of. From the lead identification process usually handled by marketing teams to nurturing of marketing qualified leads by the sales, and the final sale itself, the nature of experiences in the journey of a buyer is critical in achieving faster closure and increased loyalty.

Over the past couple of decades, successful organizations have leveraged Customer Relationship Management (CRM) technology to help build a welcoming experience for customers across all phases of their journey from lead to deal.

This is precisely why the global CRM market is forecasted to achieve a market size of USD 96.5 billion by 2028.

However, the question that business leaders have today is not “Why should I invest in CRM” but “Which CRM helps my sales organization perform their best?” Trusted by nearly all of the world’s leading brands and with the highest global CRM market share of 19.8%, Salesforce often emerges as the de-facto choice for enterprises when they need a powerful CRM to help build modern customer experiences and improve sales conversions.

Salesforce has evolved over the years to be one of the most powerful and smart CRM platforms in the world. Today, one of the platform’s biggest strengths is its focus on Artificial Intelligence integration into its core offerings. The AI capabilities and initiatives are collectively grouped under the Salesforce Einstein range of offerings. Let us examine how the power of Salesforce and AI is turbocharging sales organizations with better conversions:

Intelligent Data and Information Management
Salespeople need to be at their best where it matters the most i.e., interactions with customers, guiding them through the best offerings, and delivering information as requested by them. However, salespeople in most companies spend hours finding the right information and mundane data entry tasks. With Salesforce, however, this problem is solved intrinsically. With its AI capability, Salesforce offers salespeople an intelligent CRM platform that does all the job of updating records, finding the right information, and delivering insights to support every sales conversation. The system can pick up keywords during the conversation, do analysis on trends for the keyword, and help salespeople with the right insights to deliver the best offerings that satisfy the need for which the keywords were used in a sales conversation.

Predictive Sales
The best way to win customer’s hearts is to be prepared for their demand and offer the fastest service for their needs when it eventually arises. Salesforce’s AI capabilities enable sales associates to predict customer needs through analyzing their past behavior and interaction data. From these insights, the CRM can accurately point towards offerings or conversations around offerings that will excite a customer more and have a higher chance of converting into sales. It also helps in maintaining a lasting relationship with customers by continuously engaging them with conversations around sales of offerings that go well with their past engagements.

Personalized Recommendations
80% of consumers are likely to make an investment or purchase decision with a brand that offers a personalized experience. There is a huge treasure trove of data that most brands possess about their customers. The problem is that a majority of brands do not have a proper personalization strategy to leverage this data and win more sales opportunities. This is where Salesforce CRM’s AI capabilities can bring about a huge change. By analyzing the large goldmine of data, the CRM can recommend the most personalized content to be used for specific campaigns, the best time and medium to reach each individual customer. It can even filter out a list of customers for which a particular marketing campaign is likely to have more engagement and further sales conversion. It also enables personalized cross-sell and up-sell of products or services based on past purchases.

Simplify Intelligence
If you were to rely on a traditional CRM, then you will still have access to truckloads of data that hold potential. But then you will have to design your own data and predictive models, hire data scientists and AI engineers to build new innovative services around this data and incur heavy expenditure on R&D. With Salesforce, however, this whole process is simplified and managed by the platform. You just need to connect it to your business systems, and it does the rest. It can even automate routine and mundane tasks to help free key resources so that they can focus on more high-value customer interactions.

Salesforce with its Einstein range of AI-enabled offerings can offer businesses a CRM platform that autonomously adapts to the sales journey of their customers. It does so for each individual customer to ensure improved engagement and higher conversions. In short, Salesforce and AI can be the key to unlocking a turbocharged sales organization within your business.

As a Salesforce Partner, we help organizations use CRM to boost team productivity, close sales faster, work smarter, and make better decisions. Connect with us to know more.

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