5 Reasons to Choose SAP Commerce (Hybris) for E-commerce

5 Reasons to Choose SAP Commerce (Hybris) for E-commerce

5 Reasons to Choose SAP Commerce (Hybris) for E-commerce

According to our commerce experts at Sapours, SAP Commerce (Hybris) is one of the most scalable and robust digital commerce technology platforms.

Over the years, we have seen that SAP Commerce or Hybris, as it was formerly called, has been the platform of choice for business teams, CXOs, as well as technology and marketing teams.

Here are some of the main reasons to choose SAP Commerce / Hybris for Commerce:

1) The clients’ choice: Flexibility & scalability

One of our commerce clients, a major global apparel retailer, chose SAP Commerce / Hybris because of its flexibility to perform easy integrations with third party systems in any enterprise IT landscape. Since integration costs usually amount to about 30% of the total project cost, this becomes an important aspect.

Business landscapes are very dynamic and fast changing. A digital commerce platform, therefore, needs to be able to scale up quickly and be flexible enough to accommodate the requirements of new features and functionalities. It also needs to support integrations to multiple supporting tools and platforms such as next-gen CRM or ERP, as well as be compatible with existing or legacy systems.

SAP Hybris scores very well on this point, as the platform is modular, with several easy-to-implement and ready-to-use components. Support for extensions and add-ons means that the platform can not only scale up as the business grows, but implementations are also faster than on other platforms which may have highly customized or tailor-made components that need to be built on-demand.

The CXOs’ choice: Faster time-to-value with Commerce Accelerators:

SAP Commerce / Hybris provides pre-built Commerce Accelerators or templatized solutions for faster implementation of online stores. This helps save time on development and instead focus more on personalization features, which can deliver significant business impact.

At Sapours, we have focused on building custom Commerce Accelerators that have a sharp industry focus, deliver impressive performance improvements, and significant time savings, while reducing the cost of ownership. Our custom commerce accelerator for the Fashion industry | FashionCX has also been published by SAP.

2) Customers love shopping on portals built on SAP Commerce / Hybris

Shoppers expect brands to provide them with highly personalized experiences and SAP Hybris Marketing suite is geared to provide an enriching shopping experience to customers. The marketing and analytics tools in this module help map the customer journey, increase engagement with customers, and provide insights and strategies to improve conversions and revenue. Display products that actively encourage sales, manage displays automatically using data-driven rules, set intelligent remarketing campaign rules, and create sophisticated cart-abandonment recovery strategies. The result is that customers get a very satisfying and personalized shopping experience on SAP Commerce / Hybris commerce websites.

3) The ideal choice for brands that want to go global

The need for creating multi-language, multi-currency, and multi-language web stores for different geographies is on the increase.

Sapours has worked extensively on multi-country implementations and global rollouts of SAP Commerce / Hybris. In fact, our commerce domain experts favor this to other commerce platforms, for any client requiring to go global with their digital storefront.

It provides superior internationalization capabilities to enable several localized online storefronts from a single platform. Support is available for not merely language translations and local product catalogs, but also for logistical issues such as different payment gateways, delivery options or local taxation.

4) SAP has been named a Leader in 2020 Gartner Magic Quadrant for Multichannel Marketing

The SAP Commerce / Hybris Omni Channel Connect (OCC) module, allows companies to connect with customers across different channels using the same platform and without needing multiple sites or apps to reach out to customers on different channels. This can significantly improve the customer experience as well as help close purchases faster and improve conversion rates.

At Sapours, we believe that shoppers are no longer interacting with brands at a single place – they may use multiple channels in their buying process such as the brand’s web store, mobile store version, Facebook page, email newsletters, customer service numbers.

Sapours offers commerce strategy, roadmap assessment, impact analysis, and UI/UX services for B2B and B2C commerce websites.

Want to discover how we can help you deliver a unified, omnichannel shopping experience to your customers?



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