SAP Commerce Cloud – Integrations that Matter for Customer Experience Enhancement

SAP Commerce Cloud – Integrations that Matter for Customer Experience Enhancement

SAP Commerce Cloud – Integrations that Matter for Customer Experience Enhancement

Customer experience defines business success. Be it attracting new customers or retaining existing ones, delivering exceptional customer experience is now non-negotiable in a global and extremely competitive business environment.

Traditionally, customer experience, or CX as it is more popularly known, touches the traditional sales and marketing touch points along the customer journey. A well-made and attractive website, a great storefront, or superior in-store service can be some examples of this. Today, however, organizations need to do a lot more heavy-lifting as the customer journey has essentially changed. This is because brands have evolved owing to technological innovations, consequently compelling the customer journey to change as well.

As the stakes around customer experience become incredibly high, intelligent customer experience solutions become essential to drive and elevate the brand experience in powerful ways. Research shows that customers are likely to stop using a brand after just one bad experience. For businesses, the writing is on the wall – there is no room for error.

SAP has been moving steadfastly along its path of customer centricity and developing solutions that accelerate the speed of growth by elevating the customer experience. SAP Commerce Cloud and its integrations are helping organizations connect and engage with their customers more seamlessly and meaningfully.

SAP’s Customer Experience suite integrates seamlessly with SAP Commerce Cloud and consists of five solutions that cover the broad spectrum of CRM. These solutions include:

SAP Sales Cloud

The SAP Sales Cloud equips sales teams with clear, accurate, and detailed insights to identify opportunities proactively, never miss an order, and truly understand customer needs to improve sales engagements.

The Sales Cloud streamlines and automates the selling process, provides intelligent recommendations, and gives teams a 360-degree view of every customer and interaction. This solution allows teams to manage buyer expectations, reduce contract conclusion times, and deliver a positive and intuitive sales experience to the customer.

By taking the heavy lifting out of the sales process, this cloud-enabled solution allows the sales team to focus more on building and maintaining relationships instead of spending time on low-value tasks. The quality of exchanges improves, thereby elevating the customer experience.

SAP Service Cloud

Organizations can improve customer experience by handling numerous service requests more efficiently, contextually, and quickly. No matter where the customer generates the service request from, be it a social media site or an in-person chat, the SAP Service Cloud provides a seamless and consistent experience for customers.

The SAP Service Cloud connects service operations to the entire business and enables meaningful connections across the customer journey. It helps businesses accelerate issue resolution as it provides a unified agent desktop and access to relevant insights and data. Self-service options powered by AI and powerful case management workflows that streamline issue resolution further drive up the customer experience.

Organizations can provide an in-person service experience as the SAP Commerce Cloud storefront allows agents to search and browse the online catalog to look up product information. It allows them to configure product bundles, add products to carts, create quotes, or even check carts out for customers on their behalf. They can also provide account information, such as payment details, existing orders, delivery address, etc., to the customer and make customer journeys more fulfilling.

SAP Customer Data Cloud

Data is the ultimate leveler when it comes to driving customer experiences. The SAP Customer Data Cloud allows organizations to ethically collect, store, maintain, and protect customer data. It provides a full suite of solutions, such as Customer Identity and Access Management for end-users and B2B interactions, and elevates privacy data governance with Enterprise Consent and Preference Management.

The SAP Customer Data Cloud helps organizations gain deeper insights to know the customer better. They can securely gather information, create profiles, configure the registration and login screen sets and connect them with the website and app users, and engage with customers more intuitively.

It simplifies organization and user management, allowing enterprises to approve organizations, create business partners, manage users on the customer portal, invite users or manage roles, etc. Customer Identity and Access Management for B2B, profile management consent replication, and session management further ensure that customer data is used to simplify and elevate all customer journey touchpoints easily and securely.  

The data privacy management capabilities add further dynamism to the CX portfolio of services by driving data transparency. These capabilities ease audit reporting and enable personal data erasure, thereby giving the customer a lot more control over the data. 

SAP Emarsys

From hyper-personalization, we are now stepping into the age of in-the-moment personalization. SAP Emarsys helps organizations improve customer lifetime value and reach the customers where they are with omnichannel, personalized, and real-time engagements at scale. This solution helps organizations accelerate time to value and capitalize on revenue opportunities by allowing them to meet customers where they are with what they want.

With SAP’s offering, organizations can deliver personalized and cross-channel campaigns quickly and at scale. They can leverage AI-powered insights to understand customers and deliver relevant, real-time engagements. The CX engagement tactics and real-time event sync options in this solution elevate marketing actions and make them more impactful in driving the desired revenue outcomes.

In Conclusion

Today, organizations must ensure that every aspect of the customer journey is simple and frictionless. From discovery to checkout to support, customer experience is shaped by the journey that an organization creates. In today’s rapidly evolving digital world, this also means delivering a consistent and uniform brand experience irrespective of the channel the customer engages in. The customer experience has to be continuously good, regardless of the location, channel, or device.


SAP Commerce Cloud integrations help enterprises achieve all this and more. Along with the aforementioned solutions, SAP Commerce Cloud offers solutions that improve orders, availability, and master data management, taking the pain out of managing subscriptions, entitlements, payments, and pricing. By taking care of all these influencers of the customer journey, SAP Commerce Cloud helps organizations remain ahead of the curve in a global, hyper-competitive market characterized by fluctuating customer expectations. Get in touch to learn more about its viability for customer experience enhancement.

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