SAP’s Strategy on “Auto Upgrade the Commerce System” Starting Version 2211

SAP’s Strategy on “Auto Upgrade the Commerce System” Starting Version 2211

SAP’s Strategy on “Auto Upgrade the Commerce System” Starting Version 2211

Over the past couple of years, SAP Commerce Cloud has evolved into one of the most prolific online retailing platforms that some of the world’s best retailers rely on to power their digital commerce operations. With a high degree of customization options, seamless integration with SAP as well as other third-party business systems, and flexible design architecture, SAP Commerce Cloud is a perfect choice for both B2C and B2B online retail businesses. Reports point out that SAP Commerce Cloud powered nearly USD 32 billion worth of digital commerce transactions in the 2022 holiday season globally.

While the prowess of SAP Commerce in enabling modern eCommerce experiences is being recognized globally, there are some recent developments happening in the SAP Commerce ecosystem that businesses must be aware of and take necessary steps to ensure they are able to leverage maximum benefits from the same. In its latest version release of 2211, SAP has announced a major change in the way the cloud platform will embrace updates from now on. It has shifted away from its periodic update cycles to an automatic monthly upgrade approach. The move is to bring about a consistent product experience that is reflected across the entire spectrum of cloud offerings from SAP.

What Do Existing Users Need to Know?

The continuous releases would henceforth be called update releases, and they may include new features or even fixes to issues in previous releases. The automatic upgrade option is, however, not a mandatory one. Existing users can continue without any impact by simply opting out of the auto-update feature. They can select the number of the update version before the latest version and continue to use it.

The Benefits of Moving Towards a Monthly Update Mode

While there is no mandate for users to make the switch, those that do make the decision to opt for the monthly update mode will be able to enjoy a host of essential features from the cloud online retail platform. Let us explore the top 3:

Up-to-Date Security

With monthly updates, SAP Commerce Cloud allows users to enjoy security updates and patches being rolled out frequently. This helps them stay vigilant and aligned with the industry’s latest threat landscape and mitigation initiatives. Having the latest security frameworks and features in place also makes it easier for businesses to build more data acquisition initiatives to learn about customers and offer more personalized services down the line.

Reduce Overheads Involved in the Upgrade Process

In the past, periodic upgrades happened over a longer cycle. This meant that the platform would receive major updates in bulk in a cycle. Implementing the same would result in a large new codebase or configuration cycles being integrated into the business’s digital landscape. 

As with any major tech upgrade initiative, this can cause delays and challenges in authenticating new features after testing them for compatibility. Additionally, major changes to the platform may require an additional upgrade of supporting cloud resources and manpower to manage the change. 

However, in the case of monthly updates, all that enterprises have to deal with are small incremental changes. These will be minimal in impact, easy to adopt into the existing tech stack, and manageable with little effort.

Experience the Latest Innovations at the Earliest

Just as in the case of security, brands that leverage the SAP Commerce Cloud will now be able to leverage new features and innovations faster with the monthly update. As SAP invests in continuously improving its product range, enterprises can utilize this frequent update option to embrace new features faster and bring them to their customer-facing operations quickly.

Should Enterprises Make the Switch Immediately?

The benefits that businesses can enjoy with the monthly update approach add a good deal of competitive advantage to their growth ambitions. Nevertheless, as we have seen already, there is no compulsion from SAP to their customers to switch to automatic monthly updates for their Commerce Cloud offering.

However, SAP does recommend that users rely on a version for which support is still available. An out-of-maintenance version of Commerce Cloud can create scenarios where build errors can’t be solved. This can be chaotic from a user experience perspective.

How To Make the Transition with the Best Results?

The best way for enterprises to take their next steps in the migration journey to SAP Commerce Cloud 2211 version is to ensure they have a well-defined product implementation roadmap. This is possible only if they can avail of the services of an experienced partner like Sapours. With decades of expertise in strategically implementing large SAP projects for different businesses, Sapours has the right experience and knowledge to support a business’s eCommerce ambitions.

Get in touch with us to learn more about Sapours’ capabilities and how we can redefine your digital commerce operations.

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