Sapours Welcomes Boomerang Employees

Sapours Welcomes Boomerang Employees

Sapours Welcomes Boomerang Employees

There always seems a certain finality to leaving. We might think that the door is shut when we decide to leave, but who says you can’t return?

In this case, we are speaking of employees who part ways with employers and leave the organization for better opportunities. But not every employee who leaves an organization wants to stay away. Sooner or later, some decide they want to come back. However, in many organizations, company policies stand against rehiring former employees.

The fact is that no organization wants to see a good employee leave. And changing the attitude towards rehiring employees who had previously left the organization is a good business strategy.

As an organization, Sapours has always been open to rehiring ex-employees, or boomerang employees as they are known today. Our professional approach has always deterred us from forcing employees to stay with us and we do not believe that employees should only look out for the organization and not for themselves.

In our journey, we have been rewarded for our open and easy culture. While we have had many employees leave the organization to pursue their goals, we have witnessed many of them want to come back. And we welcome these boomerang employees back with open arms.

But why do our employees who leave want to come back? Some of the main reasons that emerged from our internal survey of existing and boomerang employees revealed the following:

Supportive and employee-centric work environment

Our employees are our greatest assets. As such, we are committed to developing and creating a supportive and employee-centric work environment. Our workplace policies, hierarchies, and processes are well-designed and augment employee engagement by delivering enablement when work happens.

We believe that loyalty is a two-way street and that if we demand loyalty for our employees, we must give them the reasons to stay loyal. 

Along with building shared commitment and ensuring that we have the processes in place that help employees feel heard, we make sure our actions always build trust. Our employees know that they are going to be taken care of and that the organization is for them as much as they are for the organization. As such, even when things get tough, as it did in the past with the pandemic, and many organizations let go of employees, we did not do so.

Those who work with us and have worked with us previously know that we are committed to our employees and that we are not going to leave them in the lurch especially in such uncertain and volatile times.

Approachable and supportive top management

Our flat and open-door management structure is attractive for most employees. The management structure, openness, and approachability demonstrate great maturity; something that our employees have always appreciated.

The management is also hands-on and does not hesitate to jump in and get their hands dirty if the situations arise. They extend support, provide guidance and solutions when asked, and are equally unobtrusive at other times.  

Opportunities to work with cutting-edge tech

Our employees also get the opportunity to work with cutting-edge tech and niche technologies. We build customized products and solutions to solve complex issues for our clients. We work across industries such as retail, manufacturing, real estate, F&B, automotive, fashion and apparel, retail, chemical, and government bodies as well.

All of these industries are undergoing massive digital transformation and seeking solutions to solve pressing business problems. Our teams work with emerging technologies and deliver superior customer experiences across industries.

Laser focus on learning and development

Apart from the hands-on learning that comes from working in a competitive and highly-charged-up work environment, we have a dedicated focus on driving continuous learning. We believe that the route to business success is from driving the professional success of our employees.

As such, we have dedicated learning and development programs to keep the growth needs of our employees in mind. Apart from technical skill development, we also focus on power or critical skill development to help our workforce navigate the new, hybrid world of work and learn its mechanisms. Our objective is to enable our teams at every step of the way. The successes we experience, we believe, are the direct outcome of this enablement. Close to 50% of people at Sapours are certified in some or other technology.

It is because of this continuous learning enablement, at Sapours, people have moved career tracks, switched their preferred technologies, and have succeeded. 

Focus on work-life balance

We mentioned that we have employee-oriented systems and processes are a part of our organization’s value system. While we have employee benefits, employee welfare, amenities of recreation, and socialization to enhance employee satisfaction, we realize that given that work and life have integrated, we need to be more focused on ensuring work-life balance.

As such, we focus only on output v/s time spent on work. Ensuring proper work allocation, a correct delegation of work according to skills, identifying productivity blockers and delivering enablement, and bringing in greater efficiency in delegation and division of responsibilities are a few of the steps augmenting our efforts. We also offer our employees the flexibility to work remotely in case of any personal emergencies – no questions asked! 

It is because of these reasons that we find many boomerang employees reaching out to us. And we want to tell them, yes, you can return home.

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