Service Enablement with Salesforce Analytics on Service Module

Service Enablement with Salesforce Analytics on Service Module

Service Enablement with Salesforce Analytics on Service Module

In the wake of ever-soaring competition, businesses need to drive up interest for their products in the market to remain sustainable. One of the reasonable ways to achieve this is to focus on retaining and extending the relationships they have with existing customers. 

There is no one better than your customers to voice support for your brand. But then comes the question of extending the customer association beyond sales. How can brands position themselves as a trustable entity for customers and retain their trust? The answer lies in exceptional service support. 

In the digital era, businesses know how technology plays a crucial role in creating a better customer experience. Customer Service is no different in this regard.

This is certainly why the world’s most loved brands trust Salesforce Service Cloud to power their customer service operations. Over time, customer service operations, in general, have evolved from the early days of dull telephonic and field service support on demand. 

Today customer service is a core pillar of the overall customer experience, and Salesforce Service Cloud is leveraging a new force to help businesses catapult to excellence in their service operations – Salesforce Analytics.

Offered as part of the Service Cloud, Salesforce Analytics empowers businesses to build trust in every customer interaction by doing what’s best for them, determined through data-driven insights. 

Let us explore four ways in which your service function is enabled for better results with Salesforce Analytics on Service Cloud:

Proactively Identify Trends

Salesforce analytics is designed to work not just passively with data supplied to it on a case-to-case basis. It can also proactively collect data from different business systems that help fulfill service requests and continuously track the progress and performance of the same. 

Service analytics enables businesses to spot trends in risky behavior faster and further track for rectification on the Service Analytics dashboard. 

All relevant KPIs observed for successful service delivery are tracked proactively for any suspicious drop in achievements. Any noticeable risk will be discovered autonomously rather than having to hire dedicated analysts for long durations to spot trends.

Faster Case Resolution

Customers value speedy and informed service support at all times. They do not like to spend too much time explaining stories repeatedly to customer service agents or managers to help close their service tickets. This is an area where Salesforce Analytics can bring about a paradigm shift. 

It brings the entire gamut of customer profile information in one place for service managers and agents to quickly decipher insights from historical data of a specific customer or customers who have been delivered similar service support in the past.

As such, the system significantly reduces wait time and eliminates the usual bottlenecks of intra-organizational data exchange and staffing issues through intelligent automation of these areas.

Prepare Proactively

Salesforce analytics enables businesses to dive deep into every customer interaction with the business over time. It captures these insights to help service agents be prepared for potential issues that are noticeable depending on the timeline of the relationship with the customer. 

Data needed to support such a proactive service support initiative often exists as silos in different enterprise systems. Salesforce analytics can help bring this data snapshot in one place and help managers and agents update, track and monitor service parameters through collaborative dashboards. This ultimately benefits customers as they get speedy responses to their service needs.

Leverage the Power of AI

Salesforce analytics is powered by the Einstein Discovery AI system, which can quickly compute actionable insights from millions of data combinations. This helps eliminate errors, bias, and inefficiencies in the service operations leading to better customer satisfaction and loyalty.

Turning service operations into a valuable tool for building lasting customer relationships is one of the most profitable decisions for businesses today. Salesforce Service Cloud has the right tools and capabilities to take businesses in that direction. 

However, to fully realize the potential of Service Cloud, it needs to be empowered with Salesforce Analytics. By transitioning into a data-driven operational model, businesses can eliminate risky behavior and offer instantaneous support services to customers whenever they need them. 

Sapours has been instrumental in bringing the power of Salesforce to some of the world’s best businesses across industries such as real estate, chemical, retail, and more. In one recent case, Sapours helped India’s largest at-home smile and tooth makeover service company transform its customer service operations using Salesforce. We also implemented best practices in alignment with leading service industry practices to improve operational efficiency and better service planning. This resulted in dramatic improvement in agent productivity and customer satisfaction. Read the complete story here.

Get in touch with us to explore ways to drive better ROI in your customer service business through service analytics.

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