Service Enablement with Salesforce Field Service Management for After-Sales and Service, AMS, Warranty, and Repair

Service Enablement with Salesforce Field Service Management for After-Sales and Service, AMS, Warranty, and Repair

Service Enablement with Salesforce Field Service Management for After-Sales and Service, AMS, Warranty, and Repair

Field service agents have never had it easy; despite growing investments in modern tools, most find it challenging to get end-to-end visibility into service engagements because crucial data is often stored across different disparate systems. 

The dependence on manual tasks and a sheer lack of access to the right information at the right time further make it difficult for agents attending after-sales and service calls to offer fitting consultations, carry out the right repairs, and enable regular maintenance and inspections. 

With little or no insight into service history, poor access to service manuals, and insufficient training, service profits, SLA performance, and customer retention get badly affected. To overcome the issues caused by siloed tools, it is critical for field service organizations to implement a modern platform like Salesforce Field Service Management. 

Read on to uncover how Salesforce ensures high levels of service enablement for after-sales and service, AMS, warranty, and repair. 

The Challenges Facing Field Service Agents 

Between 2021 and 2030, the global field service management market is projected to grow at a healthy CAGR of 19.7%. This growth is being driven by the many challenges field service agents are facing due to the siloed nature of their enterprise IT ecosystem. 

Here’s a rundown of the same:

  • Gathering and acting on after-sales or warranty requests from various sources, including self-service portals, toll-free numbers, email, chat, and social media. 
  • Having access to experts or an updated knowledge base to get guidance on how best to service a field service requirement. 
  • Achieving end-to-end traceability into every service call, including challenges and opportunities. 
  • Overcoming the issue of duplicate or erroneous data entry in multiple tools and systems. 
  • Poor communication between different team members, causing crucial warranty information to slip through the cracks. 
  • Excess time being spent on claims and warranty management due to neglected or broken internal processes. 
  • Eliminating reliance on manual efforts such as filling forms, completing paperwork, responding to customer calls, or sending emails. 
  • Getting access to updated, real-time information when they need it and where they need it. 
  • The inability to make critical after-sales decisions based on data-backed evidence and visual reports. 

How Salesforce Field Service Management Overcomes Challenges 

Salesforce Field Service Management enables service agents to deliver fast and trusted field service from anywhere. Leveraging a plethora of optimization tools, the cloud-based platform helps increase productivity, ensure seamless scheduling, and reduce costs. 

Here’s more to it:

  • Allow customers to instantly book audio or video appointments via a customer portal, thus reducing physical in-person visits by agents. 
  • Leverage automation and AI capabilities to prioritize AMS and repair calls that need immediate attention. 
  • Intelligently assign the right worker to the right after-sales call based on skills, location, and availability. 
  • Give field service managers full and updated visibility of the current status of agents on the field. 
  • Make the most of image recognition technology to fix or replace faulty parts, eliminating confusion and unnecessary visits. 
  • Depending on the type of after-sales issue, provide field agents with the right tools and guidance for faster, smarter service.
  • Get updates on the latest policies and procedures and comply with safety protocols from any mobile device.
  • Receive step-by-step instructions for complex service requests and ensure security checklists are conformed to at all times.  
  • Provide agents access to relevant specs, knowledge articles, timesheets, and inventory before they go onsite and improve first-time fix rates. 
  • Leverage advanced analytics capabilities to get real-time visibility of KPIs and operational performance from any location. 
  • Combine data from multiple systems and build dashboards and reports for detailed insights into key metrics and protocols.

Make Data-driven Decisions Faster 

If you want an integrated, real-time view of your field service activities and to improve your service quality, you need to invest in Salesforce Field Service Management. The platform makes it easy for service agents to access relevant and updated service information, unveil insights into business data, get recommendations for the next steps, and predict outcomes of actions. 

Using Salesforce Field Service Management, you can seamlessly drive high levels of customer engagement and meet all their after-sales service, AMS, warranty, and repair needs. 

Engage With a Qualified Consulting Partner

If you want to make the most of your Salesforce Field Service Management implementation, engaging with a qualified Salesforce consulting partner is a great way to maximize ROI and minimize costs. 

Having a partner on board can help you build a seamless, unified, and digital sales experience using the world’s most popular CRM platform. A partner can also help you leverage the many capabilities of the Salesforce Field Service Management solution, so you can work smarter, boost team productivity, make better decisions, and close sales faster. 

At Sapours, we have a strong expertise and capabilities in Salesforce Field Service Management. As a Salesforce Partner, we offer cutting-edge Salesforce strategy, consulting, and implementation services. We can help the field service agents deliver an integrated response to service engagements, regardless of where the information has come from – phone, printed forms, or social media. 

To that end, we can enable a real-time and updated view of all the field service engagements for easy access across the sales, service, and marketing teams. At the same time, we can also help the managers unveil insights into business data, better predict outcomes of actions, and recommend next steps. 

Contact us today to empower your sales reps with fast and easy access to complete customer engagement records and meet SLAs with ease.

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