Up Your Customer Engagement Game with Emarsys

Up Your Customer Engagement Game with Emarsys

Up Your Customer Engagement Game with Emarsys

Driving effective customer engagement requires today’s businesses to take a completely new approach to customer experience design. With increasing competition, evolving market and technology trends, and changing customers, there is an urgent need to build front-end experiences that impress and convert. Read on to uncover why customer engagement has become so critical for businesses today and how you can up your customer engagement game with Emarsys. 

The Growing Significance of Customer Engagement

What do today’s customers want? They want a seamless product or app experience – regardless of where they are located, which device they are using, what channel they are on, or where exactly they are in the purchasing journey. 

What do today’s businesses want? They want to attract as many customers as they can and move them through the sales funnel with increased velocity – all while creating a positive brand experience. 

Given the volatility of today’s business environment, the only way organizations can align customers’ needs with business goals is by driving high levels of customer engagement. Keeping customers engaged across channels and devices and throughout the purchasing journey is critical to developing loyalty and boosting retention. The more customers find your brand valuable, the more interactions they will have with your brand, and the more information you can capture on their needs, wants, and preferences. 

Such insights can inform marketing decisions across content development, retargeting messaging, tool selection, outreach methods, and more. In the long run, the right approach to customer engagement can boost the brand experience, improve trust, and accelerate funnel velocity. 

The Role Emarsys Plays

As an omnichannel customer engagement platform backed by SAP, Emarsys enables organizations to build personalized customer experiences and bring more value to customers than ever before. Monitoring interactions across marketing, commerce, sales, and service, Emarsys delivers cutting-edge marketing automation, real-time personalization, and campaign sophistication that drives business outcomes and fuels CX growth.  

1. Integration

To meet customers’ omnichannel expectations, Emarsys brings together data sources from across the business and activates them across every channel — personalizing every interaction for every customer, for every device, and for every touchpoint. The platform’s integrated data layer ensures customer data is constantly consolidated, enriched, and activated. By breaking down departmental silos and unifying historical and real-time data, Emarsys helps transform data into insights, helping businesses create a holistic view of the customer. 

2. Personalization

Continuous integration of data from across different channels and touchpoints paves the way for hyper-personalization. The built-in personalization engine helps in the careful analysis of customer data such as online behavior, past sales, and future preferences and in the curation of a rich profile of every customer. This profile comprises tons of critical information, such as average order value, channel preference, product affinity, lifecycle status, predicted spend, etc., that can be used to curate personalized content and campaigns for enhanced SMS, email, or app engagement. 

3. Automation

As a leading customer engagement platform, Emarsys possesses advanced marketing automation capabilities that allow organizations to drive marketing efforts with speed and agility. Whether you want to execute simple, single-channel campaigns or launch sophisticated, cross-channel journeys at scale – with Emarsys, you can do all this and more with just a few clicks. 

4. Execution

Emarsys also allows organizations to effortlessly connect and execute customer engagement across channels. Using Emarsys, you can unify sales, product, and transactional data and enable 1:1 personalization and orchestration for transformative customer engagement. Since all marketing activities can be curated, conducted, and monitored from a single platform, you can integrate data, set up messaging, and deploy personalized cross-channel campaigns at scale.

5. Management

The Emarsys platform doesn’t just end at executing stunning marketing campaigns. It also enables seamless and continuous customer lifecycle management. Using Emarsys, you can segment contacts by lifecycle, move them through the channel, and monitor engagement. Using AI and analytics, you can predict campaign performance, unearth existing pain points and challenges, and make every interaction impactful and valuable – thus driving higher loyalty and retention. 

The Sapours Advantage 

To build a successful mobile app, e-commerce store, or web application, it’s not enough to use the latest technology platform. You also need to create stellar digital experiences that encourage customers to buy. Making a great first impression is extremely critical, and so is sustaining it for better engagement, better experience, and better conversions. 

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